Decode Jay-Z with Bing

This project was one for the books. 300 pages of Jay-Z's life spread all over the world and trackable through Bing Maps and Search. War rooms, and hot pockets, and that one awkward nap Colin took in the sink. A bit of Ace of Spades champagne in there for good measure too. Also, 400 140-character clues written in Jay-Z's cadence, and a page on the bottom of a pool. A bit of that too.


cannes lion integrated :: titanium
cannes lion integrated :: grand prix
cannes lion ambient / stunts & live advertising :: grand prix
cannes lion integrated led by dm :: gold
cannes lion cyber :: silver
d&ad integrated branding :: yellow pencil
d&ad innovation in advertising :: yellow pencil
one show interactive integrated branding :: gold
one show interactive experiential :: silver
one show innovation :: gold
clio awards innovative media :: gold
clio awards integrated campaign :: gold
clio awards content and contact :: gold