Air Wick

Air Wick. Home Is In the Air.

The power of scent is undeniably emotional. While other air care products were content to mask odors or magically transport people to tropical islands, we knew Air Wick could stand for something bigger - the feeling of home. Because when you think about it, the scent you choose for your home is just as important as the books on the shelves or the paintings on the wall when it comes to saying something special about you and your family. So I came up with "Home is in the Air", Air Wick's new global tagline designed to hero scent as a key force is creating your perfect home environment. Then, we launched the campaign with an anthem film that told the story of a home from the POV of the air within it.

And to further emphasize just how powerful scent can be when it comes to creating the feeling of home, we showed how scent can bring a family together even when they're a world apart.